Through our newsletter, the Lime Kiln Chronicles, the Friends share the latest in historical research, recent gifts, and activities in the District.  The Chronicles is published twice yearly: the Spring/Summer issue, around April 1; the Fall/Winter issue, around October 1.

  • An historic photo of the quarry workers at the Cowell Lime Works, taken in the early 1900s.

    Fall 2022 – Winter 2023 Newsletter

    A Rough Life
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    Remembering Joan Gilbert Martin
    A Closer Look at Cabin A
    New and Renewing Members
  • An historic photo of the Cowell Reservoir, at one time Santa Cruz’s primary water storage facility.

    Spring – Summer 2022 Newsletter

    The Cowell Reservoir
    Vision For The South Campus
    Roll Out The Barrels
    More Than Lime
    Walking Tour May 21
  • Entrance sign for the new campus, early 1960s. The Cook House is in the distance.

    Fall 2021 – Winter 2022 Newsletter

    Campus Beginnings and the Historic District
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    Dennis Diego Steps Down from Board
    Cowell, Fires, and the Road to Big Basin
    Setting Goals for 2022 and Beyond
  • John Law Smith’s father drove this truck and trailer to haul limestone products to Southern Pacific boxcars.

    Spring – Summer 2021 Newsletter

    From Scout Camp to University
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    Remembering Harold (Hal) Hyde
    More Than Lime
    New and Renewing Members
  • Photo of the Cowell Ranch, late 1950s. The hay barn and blacksmith shop are in the photograph.

    Spring – Summer 2020 Newsletter

    An Interview with Richard Nutter
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    New Development Liaison
    Cardiff Shed Completed
    Vegetation Removed
  • Photo of old cars at the ranch site.

    Fall 2019 – Winter 2020 Newsletter

    When Hollywood Came to the Cowell Ranch
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    New Staff Liaison
    Cardiff Shed Nearly Completed
    Historic Pillar Destroyed
  • Cover photo of issue

    Spring – Summer 2019 Newsletter

    Interview with Wilbert Patten
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    Cardiff Shed Reconstruction
    Friends Welcome Rainbow, Emmy, and Howard
    A Closer Look ...
  • Cover photo of issue

    Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 Newsletter

    Artifacts Go On Display In Hay Barn
    Dating District Structures
    In the Newspapers, 100 Years Ago ...
    When Did the Cowells Live in Santa Cruz?
    Alverda and Anne Depart
  • Cover photo from issue

    Spring – Summer 2018 Newsletter

    Highlights from Our First 10 Years
    Quarry Amphitheater Sign Installed
    100 Years Ago ...
    Cardiff Shed Update
    Preserving Memories
  • Cover photo from issue

    Fall 2017 – Winter 2018 Newsletter

    Tales from the Cowell Cooperage
    Quarry Amphitheater Opens Again
    100 Years Ago ...
    In Memory of Peter Jordan
    Hay Barn Project Wins Awards
  • Cover photo from issue

    Spring – Summer 2017 Newsletter

    A Tale of Two Immigrants
    100 Years Ago ...
    History Fair a Success!
    A Chat with Cowell
    New and Renewing Members
  • Cover photo from issue

    Fall 2016 – Winter 2017 Newsletter

    The Curious Case of A. S. T. Johnson
    Students Dig Into History
    History Fair on October 8
    Friends Help Save Historic Weathervane
    In Memory of Edith Bell
  • Cover photo from issue

    Spring – Summer 2016 Newsletter

    Cardiff House renovation
    Comparing campus lime kilns
    Hickey family descendents
    Airport proposal in 1928
  • Cover photo from issue

    Fall 2015 – Winter 2016 Newsletter

    Who Was Henry Cowell?
    Cardiff House Gets Seismic Upgrade
    Friends Invite Local Groups to Join in History Fair in 'New' Hay Barn
    Hay Barn Dedicated
  • Cover photo from issue

    Spring – Summer 2015 Newsletter

    Les Strong interview
    Archaeological dig
    50th Anniversary tours
    Quarry Amphitheater
    UCSC origins book
    Historic preservation
  • Cover photo from issue

    Fall 2014 – Winter 2015 Newsletter

    Cowell Ranch Memories
    New Teaching Resource Available
    Municipal Wharf Had Early Ties to Cowell
    Hiking the Rincon Road
  • Cover photo from issue

    Spring – Summer 2014 Newsletter

    Archaeology, Student Dig
    Bison, Cowell Ranch
    Buffalo, Cowell Ranch
    Cardiff House, sesquicentennial
    Cowell, Henry, photos of
    Hay Barn, disassembly
    Hunting, prohibited on Cowell Ranch
    Jordan, A. P.,  builds house
    Trucks, Mack
    Exhibits, Crystals, Caves, & Kilns
  • Fall/Winter 2013

    Fall/Winter 2013 Newsletter

    Crystals, Caves & Kilns exhibit
    Snowball firebricks
    Student archaeology dig
    Hay Barn Restoration
    Kalkar Quarry
    George Silva historic photos
  • Spring/Summer 2013

    Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

    Hay Barn to be Restored!
    Lime's Sister Industry: Bituminous Rock
    A Model Home (Cabin B)
    The New Fence, Boy Scout Jonathan Chaney
    New Signs Greet Visitors
    Spring Archaeological Excavation
    IRA Charitable Rollover Program Reauthorized for 2013
    Branding Iron
                                                                                              A Crash Course in Technology
                                                                                              Lime and Fingerprints
                                                                                              Isaac Davis Quasquicentennial
  • Fall/Winter 2012 - 2013

    Fall/Winter 2012 - 2013 Newsletter

    Archaeology (cabin B study completed)
    Barn, Hay (exhibit at the MAH)
    Barn, Hay (feasibility study)
    Bricks (sent to museum in Japan)
    Cooperage (study completed)
    Cowell, Ernest V. (employees in will)
    “Our Lady of Miracles” (artifact discovered)
    Paramoure, Patricia (archaeology study by)
    Photograph (aerial, 1957)
    Signs, interpretive (funding received)
  • Spring/Summer 2012

    Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter

    Cabin B Restoration (restoration photos)
    Conde, Joseph (interview)
    Cook House (last cooks)
    Cowell, Alica (petitions for more money, 1912)
    Cowell, S. H. (supposed last visit)
    Hay (harvesting)
    Hunters (unwelcome on Cowell Ranch)
    Lime Kilns (description of Rincon)
    Lorenzana, Jim (interview)
    Morgan, Sally (staff liaison departs)
    Netto, Joseph and Mary (worked for Cowell)
    Plants (tour to see)
    Timber Framing (lecture and demonstration)
  • Fall/Winter 2011 - 2012

    Fall/Winter 2011 - 2012 Newsletter

    Barn, Hay (study completed)
    Boy Scouts (restore fence)
    Community Foundation (grant for cooperage)
    Gosliner, Aaron (sign discovered)
    Lime Kiln, continuous (sesquicentennial)
    Movies (made here in 1911)
    Muse, Stan (boy scouts restore fence)
    Photographs (taken in 1960s)
    Signs, interpretive (prototype installed)
  • Spring/Summer 2011

    Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

    Barn, Hay (documentation starts)
    Cardiff Shed (restoration work)
    Cowell, S. H. (birthday and biography)
  • Fall/Winter 2010 - 2011

    Fall/Winter 2010 - 2011 Newsletter

    Archaeology (update on Cabin B)
    Baker-Rabe, Philippa (interview with student)
    Cooperage (grant to document)
    Jordan descendants (visit lime works)
    Nails (using to date Cabin B)
    National Trust for Hist. Preservation (grant)
    Newspapers (old ones in Cabin B)
    Wood (donated)
  • Spring/Summer 2010

    Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter

    Barrel lifer (tool)
    Plaque, National Register (unveiled)
    Sugar (use of lime making)
  • Fall/Winter 2009 - 2010

    Fall/Winter 2009 - 2010 Newsletter

    Cabin B (restoration continues)
    Certificate of Appreciation from City
    Conference, Lime (report on)
    Jordan, A. P. and family
  • Spring/Summer 2009

    Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

    Brown, Albert (biography)
    Cabin B (restoration begins)
    Cooperage (grant to stabilize)
    Cowell, Henry (quote about kiln)
    Cowell, S. H. Foundation (grant from)
    Depressions, economic
  • Fall/Winter 2008 - 2009

    Fall/Winter 2008 - 2009 Newsletter

    Bricks (refractory used in kilns)
    Cabrillo Civic Club (donation)
    Cacace, Jo Ann (interview)
    Cowell, Henry (confusion with musician)
    Lime (used by rich and famous)
    Rose (heritage variety at Cabin B)
    Silva, Carlos (family history)