Cabin B Restoration

Beginning June 2011, student interns and volunteers from the community have been working on restoration of Cabin B. These photos show the dramatic results of this effort. The siding and roof are completed. Next will come the door, window, and interior. Funding for materials has come from the Cabrillo Civic Clubs of California including the Santa Cruz chapter. Alameda Roofing and Western Roofing Supply generously donated a new shingle roof. Some of the wood being used is recycled barn wood, a gift from Jean Dempsey. Other wood was supplied by the University from trees cut on campus to make room for building construction.

cabin photo#2

This shows the progress made by students and volunteers between 

September 4, 2011 and January 8, 2012. 

cabin photo#5

Nailing sheathing on the north side.

cabin photo#7

Sanding siding on the west end.

cabin photo#15

Pulling nails. 

cabin photo#8

Sanding west wall.

cabin photo#9

Installing siding on the east wall.

cabin photo#10

cabin photo#12

Anchoring rafters.

cabin photo#13

Fastening rafters to ceiling joists. 

cabin photo#14

Fastening trim.